As my commission status is OPEN I have decided to add some rules and advice to grabbing a commission from me.
If you want to get a commission read the information below then send me a note.

–> Current prices and descriptions are in my commission tab. <–


1. No illegal activity. This includes zoophillia, pedophilla and necrophillia. Incest is allowed at at $3 fee.
2. No sadistic or demonic content as I am not a big fan of writing of this.
3. No fan fics.
4. Any content not allowed by the site’s AUP (SoFurry or FurAffinity)

Things I will write (not limited to those below)

1. Fat Furs (Adult/Clean)
2. Transformation (Adult/Clean)
3. Paw Fetish (Adult/Clean)
4. Bondage (Adult/Clean)
5. Babyfur (Clean)
6. High School (Clean)
7. Pre-planned (Adult/Clean – Stories that I have planned to write, mostly completed, $3 discount)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email:


Computer Problems

Hey all, as you can clearly see I have been rathe inactive the past several weeks.

Without going into too much detail, there were problems with my flatmates and landlord so I decided to move out.

I just moved into the new place on Saturday – then Sunday got distracted by the earthquake in Wellington.

I was hoping to stat on some stories this week, but my brand new laptop (bought it 6 says ago) decided that its LCD screen would crack – making using the laptop impossible.. so that could be ANOTHER month until I’m back online properly.

If you do want to contact me you can use the details at the end of this post – I still have my smartphone – but I can’t post stories using it.

Thanks, Bladepup

(sorry all)



Skype: Harmonica_Dude Email:

I will also be updating my twitter and facebook accounts as I find things out – links are in previous posts.