As my commission status is OPEN I have decided to add some rules and advice to grabbing a commission from me.
If you want to get a commission read the information below then send me a note.

–> Current prices and descriptions are in my commission tab. <–


1. No illegal activity. This includes zoophillia, pedophilla and necrophillia. Incest is allowed at at $3 fee.
2. No sadistic or demonic content as I am not a big fan of writing of this.
3. No fan fics.
4. Any content not allowed by the site’s AUP (SoFurry or FurAffinity)

Things I will write (not limited to those below)

1. Fat Furs (Adult/Clean)
2. Transformation (Adult/Clean)
3. Paw Fetish (Adult/Clean)
4. Bondage (Adult/Clean)
5. Babyfur (Clean)
6. High School (Clean)
7. Pre-planned (Adult/Clean – Stories that I have planned to write, mostly completed, $3 discount)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email:


Commission Details

General – Example
Price: NZD 10.00
Slots: 5

Any story that follows the rules I have set out here. Price varies from page count and estimated time of completion. Average story is set to be 3-5 pages, with completion time at ~2 weeks. Base price is $10, going up $3 per extra page.

Stream of Consciousness – Example
Price: NZD 15.00
Slots: 1

A speciality story following the template of the story displayed. It must follow the rules set out here. The price is a solid $15 due to the time it takes to write, and the length will be about 2 pages long.

Poetry – Example
Price: NZD 7.00
Slots: 5
Poetry on anything that follows my submission rules, here. As this is poetry the price is fixed – unless otherwise agreed upon.